The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver, CO: A Guide for Healthy and Delicious Plant-Based Meals

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy vegetarian meal in Denver, CO? Look no further! We've got you covered with the best vegetarian restaurants in the city that offer tasty plant-based dishes that everyone will enjoy. From vegan burgers to Caribbean-inspired dishes, there's something for everyone. Root Down's sister restaurant, Vital Root is a great place to start. Located on Tennyson Street in Berkeley, this restaurant serves up plant-based, vegetarian-friendly dishes that are both flavorful and nutritious.

Enjoy soups, salads, small plates (the cassava chips and cheese and cashew sauce are a must-try!), and Asian fusion dishes like pad thai, Korean stir-fries, and falafel wraps. The drink menu is also full of healthy options like smoothies, coffee, tea, juices, and cocktails. Corner Beet is another great spot for vegetarians. This casual corner spot is modern and homey at the same time.

It offers a variety of freshly prepared dishes, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and açai bowls. Vegans will also be delighted to find freshly baked pastries on the menu. Plus, Corner Beet recently announced a bar program that will soon be available! Watercourse Foods is an artisanal kitchen that uses local vendors and sustainable business practices. Their 100% vegan menu includes all your favorite comfort foods like truffle-loaded French fries and crumbled jackfruit sandwiches.

Meta Burger has three locations in the Denver area with a 100% plant-based menu featuring all-American classics. According to Meta Burger, their plant-based hamburgers require 75% less water, 95% less land and generate 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than meat hamburgers. The perfect cozy little coffee shop with lots of natural light, potted plants, and a menu of organic vegetarian dishes is V Revolution. This restaurant's goal is to combat global problems like climate change and resource depletion by providing us with delicious vegan foods.

Bang Up To The Elephant is a Caribbean getaway hidden in a tropical interior that serves up the best vegan Cuban you've ever tasted. Try their coconut curry made with chickpeas and homemade spiced tofu or cauliflower wings with three sauce options: sweet tamarind with 26% spice, Scottish mango cap, and Scottish pineapple, soy and apple scotch cap. Plus, they have a fun menu filled with tropical cocktails like pina coladas and non-alcoholic soft drinks with flavors like guava and mango. Native Foods is another fast, casual plant-focused place that offers vegan versions of comfort foods.

Their menu ranges from hearty main courses like gastropub burgers and chicken steaks to fresh salads like kale salad. They also have a French sauce sandwich made with 100% plant-based sliced meat on toasted beads with a dipping sauce. No matter what type of vegetarian meal you're looking for in Denver, CO you're sure to find something delicious at one of these restaurants!.