Healthy and Delicious Dinner Options in Denver, CO

Are you looking for healthy and delicious dinner options in Denver, CO? Look no further! Denver is the eighth best city in the U. S. Department of State when it comes to meeting New Year's health resolutions. With endless nature and food stores within easy reach, it's no wonder why.

From Vital Root to Vert Kitchen, there are plenty of nutritious and tasty choices to choose from. Vital Root is a quick and informal way to enjoy vegetarian dishes with real ingredients. Their menu includes three different types of bowls: roasted cauliflower, noodles, and a Mexican-inspired bowl of brown rice. For something a little more global, try their special dishes for dinner such as sunflower risotto and pad thai.

Vert Kitchen is the ideal spot to savor healthy, organic lunches, coffee, natural wines, beer, and cocktails. Their warm goat cheese salad and roasted turkey with fig jam sandwich are must-tries. Don't forget to try their roasted tomato soup for a comforting meal. Stowaway Kitchen has an espresso bar and an internationally influenced kitchen so you can enjoy energy all day long.

Try their Kara-a-Ge chicken sandwich or smoked trout salad with whey dressing for a protein-packed meal. Root Down is the artistic little sister of Vital Root and serves scrumptious food “from the land”. Their Colombian arepas are warm and comforting, while their Colorado lamb burger is fresh and delicious. Save room for dessert and try their Torched S'more with a handmade cocktail. For breakfast (brunch), pair some oatmeal, a vegan beetroot cake, or a vegetarian breakfast burrito with your kombucha.

Being healthy doesn't have to be boring! Check out our roundup of healthy places in Denver for breakfast (brunch), lunch, and dinner.